What Is the Christian Defense of Trump?

There is no longer any valid defense of Trump, after his transparently false lie about Obama ordering wiretaps. His own words and deeds have so firmly established his moral and intellectual corruption, a defense is DOA.

Trump ignored the warnings about what a bunch of morally and intellectually corrupt idiots he was appointing to office. They are proceeding to perform exactly as predicted. Five weeks in, a National Security Adviser has been fired and an Attorney General has had to recuse himself, with unanswered questions galore and the need for a Special Persecutor glaringly evident.

Trump and his lackeys like Paul Ryan continue to praise the morally and intellectually corrupt idiots and deny the need for a Special Prosecutor–showing their own craven lack of intelligence and morals.

This, my friends, is Republican government in all its glory, an unbroken thread running back to McCarthyism, Watergate, and Irangate. Wrongdoing on a massive scale, followed by cover-up on a massive scale, leading to constitutional crisis that shames America and diverts us from dealing with national priorities.

Republican DNA has contempt for the Constitution, the rule of law, basic democratic values, and common human decency.

Simple conclusion: his defenders are as grossly immoral as he is. America is divided, not along partisan political lines, but between those who adhere to common human decency, the 10 Commandments, and the Golden Rule–and those who support Trump.

Like the days when the line was drawn between the pro-segregationists and the anti-segregationists. Or the pro and anti-slavers.

But take heart. The Trump defenders are a small minority of Americans–and getting smaller.


  • Posted April 21, 2017

    Beverley Kates

    Republicans’ priorities are never the same as Democrats’. Our defense was adequate under Obama. Our economy has been doing well. Trump is fraud personified. Unless we are native American Indians, we all are products of immigration.

    Why do Republicans want freedom of choice in healthcare but want to legislate against the freedom to have an abortion?

    If churches want to continue not to pay taxes, they should keep out of politics and address important topics such as eliminating poverty, providing health care for all of God’s children, and why greed is a sin.

  • Posted March 21, 2017


    Yes, we are looking at other things, such as growth in the economy, build back out defense system, building a wall to keep out unwanted immigrants that want to hurt our country, control spending and eliminate fraud and waste in the government…Is that enough for ya?

  • Posted March 10, 2017

    Beverly McMurray

    What I am seeing and reading and hearing leads me to believe that the main or only reason that Christians support Trump is because he is so anti-abortion. They don’t seem to be able to look at anything else.

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