The Moral Collapse of the Republican Party

 The main story of the past week was the total collapse of the Trump Administration, highlighted by:

  • Trump’s firing of FBI Director Comey

  • His lies and changing stories about why he fired him

  • The increasingly bad news for Trump about the extent of the Russiagate mess

  • Media reports that the FBI investigation now involves a current high-level White House official

  • The appointment of a special counsel to investigate Russiagate

  • Trump’s obscene sucking up to the Russian Foreign Minister during the latter’s visit to the Oval Office, including Trump’s glib release of super-secret intelligence information and his reference to Comey as a “nut case.”

But an equally important story is how the Russiagate fallout has not only revealed the extent of Trump’s disaster as President, it has nakedly revealed the complicity of the Republican leadership in that disaster. It’s not just Trump, but pretty well the whole Republican Party, that has turned its back on basic American values and is taking America to utter ruin. Republican leaders, especially members of its Congressional wing, are morally and intellectually bankrupt, and cowards to boot.  

Congressional Republicans’ lack of any semblance of a moral conscience was signified by their refusal to exercise a strong oversight role and their rallying to support Trump even as the extent of his incompetence, dysfunction, and instability became clear. They have insisted on limiting Congress to investigations by the two Republican-dominated Intelligence  Committees.

The appointment of a special commission, a step even some Republicans urged, was dead on arrival, and the Congressional Republicans opposed the appointment of a special prosecutor. They left it to a career Justice Department official, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, to do the necessary–and the only reason he had the authority is because Attorney General Fred Sessions (supposedly) recused himself from decision-making on the Russia investigation.

Congressional Republicans are living in an alternate la-la land, totally isolated from reality. They are sadly mistaken in believing they have the luxury and time to “work out” a meaningful relation with Trump. The commentary in the mainstream and social media have already identified them as hollow cowards, flagrantly putting self and party above country–in fact, as having sold out their country on the altar of appeasing Trump and securing tax cuts for their rich masters. And these are some of he kinder descriptions.

Congressional Republicans–led by the cowardly braggarts Ryan and McConnell–have become enablers of the Trump dysfunction and chaos that envelops the U.S. Government. They are acquiescing in Trump’s assault on America’s democratic values and institutions. Like Joseph McCarthy before them, they have no decency. Or integrity, or courage, or shame. Watching Ryan, McConnell, and Orrin Hatch become Trump’s leading lap dogs is a phenomenon surpassed only by Trump’s election.

But the more tolerance they show toward Trump, the more despised they will be. So keep up your act, Repubs. The 2018 elections are only 18 months away.

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