Impeach the Trump Kleptocracy

As the “impeach Trump” tide gathers force, voices are raised that the movement is an attempt to overturn the election. My rebuttal:

No one is attempting to overturn the election. The impeachment of Trump is being called for on the basis of his words and deeds since assuming office. A selection of possible charges:

–Gross violation of the emoluments clause by Trump and his appointees, especially his family members.
–Obstruction of justice by using the powers of his office to stifle an investigation into wrongdoing by himself and his deputies. Specifically, gross misuse of power and violation of the rule of law by firing FBI Director Comey and admitting it was because of Comey’s investigation of the Russian imbroglio
–Giving aid and comfort to Russia after it was caught red-handed attempting to subvert the American electoral process, an act that meets the Constitutional definition of treason
–Flagrant attempts to demean and subvert the democratic process by making palpably false allegations of millions of illegal votes and of Obama’s not being born in the United States. A tactic right out of the fascist playbook.
–Subverting First Amendment rights to freedom of religion with discriminatory measures against Muslims. Making regular use of racial, ethnic, and religious slurs
–Exhibiting a flagrant misogynist mentality by calling women bimbos and bragging about sexually assaulting them
–Giving legitimacy to outright misogyny and racism by appointing white nationalist (supremacist) Steve Bannon as Presidential Counselor
–Letting stand his calls to violence during the campaign
–Being a congenital liar, of Hitlerian proportions. The Presidency as an institution cannot survive bereft of any concern by its occupant for truth and basic decency. Lies can easily trigger reactions by foreign powers that can risk the national security interests of the United States.

The case against Trump based on his words and deeds–as with Nixon and Clinton.

It is balderdash to believe some smoking gun evidence is needed to show the depth of the Trump administration’s corruption and its sell out of U.S. Interests. The available evidence makes it abundantly clear: Trump/Jared, Inc. has established a full-throated kleptocracy with the single minded goal of enriching itself, and to hell with the interests of the U.S. and the American people. There is no innocence about a secret channel between the Trumps and Russia. None.
The Republicans have riven us a government that combines the worst of their previous legacies: McCarthyism, Watergate,and Irangate. Law breaking thugs run amok, under White House direction or with approval the Republican leadership. The names Trump, Bannon, Ryan, McConnell, Hatch, will live in the same infamy as Joe McCarthy, Nixon, Oliver North, Haldeman, and the entire gaggle of fired, indicted, and/or convicted Republicans stretching across three decades.

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