Georgia Voting Machines Called Deeply Flawed

As the Special Election campaign in Georgia’s 6th U.S. Congressional District nears the June 20 vote, concerned citizens, in a battle largely unknown to the public, continue to raise the alarm about major flaws in Georgia’s voting machines. For years, an organization called VoterGa (, led by Garland Favorito, has brought lawsuits and attempted to arouse public awareness of the problem—so far, to little avail. In direct response to the Special Election, other activists and groups have joined the fray.  Some have filed a lawsuit asking for emergency relief to force paper ballots rather than continuing to use the touchscreen machines.

A group called Madison Forum has used its newsletter to publicize these actions. IndieDems here presents a compilation of those reports, beginning with the earliest.

Published by VoterGa:

Georgia Elections Still Ranked as Worst in Nation



Letter from VoterGa leader Favorito:

Sent: Wednesday, November 2, 2016 2:08 AM
Subject: Vote Flipping Can Occur Undetected


Thank you for your recent coverage of how Georgia voting machines are flipping votes from one candidate to another. It is important for voters to know that simply checking the summary screen prior to casting the ballot will NOT ensure that the votes are recorded correctly. There is no way to audit the voting machines to ensure that what was displayed on the screen to the voter was actually recorded in the machine and on the memory card that is used to tabulate the votes. A voter could see Candidate A on the summary screen but the machine could actually record the vote for Candidate B. Undetectable vote flipping that can occur with Georgia’s voting machines is a well known flaw that disenfranchises every voter in the state and it is why we have worked so hard to restore verifiable voting in Georgia.

  • Garland Favorito
  • Founder of VoterGA
  • 220 Tallow Box Dr.
  • Roswell  Ga. 30076

Citizens’ Lawsuit

Subject: Update on challenge to Georgia’s voting machines

Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2017, 20:48:39

From: Marilyn Marks


Thank you for your support in seeking Secretary Kemp’s reexamination of the voting system. Despite two letters from the group, Kemp never responded. We even sent a reminder letter on the 19th asking again (under FOIA) for the documentation of the federal certification of the system that they claim to have. No answer to that, either. Turns out that the systems seem to have fallen out of federal certification and are no longer certified, although KSU claims that the system is federally certified. But in response to FOIA requests, they claim to have no documentation for that claim. (Hard to imagine an “oral certification” from the feds!)

The three county election officials with the duty and authority to sideline the problem equipment have ignored the petitions and requests as well.

Seeing the election fast approaching with no response from officials, Rocky Mountain Foundation (on behalf of its Georgia members) and Georgia voters Donna Curling and Donna Price (with Georgians for Verified Voting) have joined together to file a lawsuit asking for emergency relief to force paper ballots rather than continuing to use the touchscreen machines. On Friday, the court ruled that the Secretary of State was a necessary party to the lawsuit and that a 5-day notice of a hearing was required for the SOS.

We will have an emergency hearing on Wednesday, June 7 at 10 am in the Fulton County Superior Court.  While a court decision prior to early voting would have been desirable, it is our belief that relief for the last two weeks of voting is far superior than conducting the entire election on the alarmingly insecure voting system. The hearing will be in front of Judge Adams in Courtroom 4E.

Attached is a copy of the press release issued today. The lawsuit and TRO Motion and brief are linked in the letter if you want to see the documents.  The press release itself is linked at

If you haven’t seen the May 24 letter to Kemp from 16 of Dr. Buell’s colleagues, please see the link in the press release.

Just to be clear, the citizen letter signers (other than Curling and Price) are not involved in the lawsuit. I am just sending this along to you because of your interest in the topic.

Please let me know if you have questions or comments.  Thanks again for your support and efforts.

  • Marilyn Marks

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