Perdue’s Lies on Obamacare Pour Forth – McCarthyism Redux

The on Tuesday published a report on a Senate speech by Senator David Perdue in which he repeated lie after Republican lie about the “failure’ of Obamacare. Below is a copy of my comment:
You’ve read Perdue’s lies. Now read the truth.
  1. Start with 26 hours, 29 Trumpian false or misleading claims.
“Credible estimates suggest the health-care law boosted the number of people with health insurance by 20 million. The Congressional Budget Office, in its reports on the GOP replacement bills, said that the individual market would be stable in most markets at least for the next 10 years under the Affordable Care Act.
As for Obamacare being too expensive, most people who participate in the exchanges receive tax subsidies that shield them from premium increases. The health-care costs have slowed since the passage of the ACA, though the jury is out that the law is mostly responsible. The Kaiser Family Foundation estimated that cumulative premium increases were 63 percent for 2001-2006, 31 percent for 2006-2011 and 20 percent for 2011-2016.”
  1. Obamacare Is Not Collapsing, Imploding or Exploding.”
  2. Mr. President, Stop Saying Obamacare Is Imploding (Because It’s Not).
  3. Every former CBO director signs letter Defending Trumpcare Findings.
How pathetic to see Senator Perdue continue the legacy of the Republicans who trampled on the Constitution, the rule of law, and common human decency by bringing us McCarthyism, Watergate, and Irangate. We eliminated them, and we will do the same to the ones who have given us Russiagate. We must also fight to eliminate the morally and intellectually bankrupt Republican Party that keeps repeating this neo-fascist pattern. Isn’t it long past time to admit Republican DNA is hardwired to produce corruption, demagoguery, and congenital liars?

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