Johnny Isakson: The Incredible Shrinking Man

Dear Senator Isakson,
It’s now been two days since you and your fellow Republican Trump worshipers ended up with egg all over you face by failing, after seven year of opportunity, to do away with Obamacare. Along the way, Johnny Isakson was a willing participant in the travesty of a legislative process the Republicans put on before their ultimate failure. By “travesty,” I mean the steroid version of what John McCain described in his speech on the Senate floor on July 25. This spectacle showed in spades why the American people hold the United States Congress in such contempt and why it has been unable to pass a single piece of major legislation the entire year.
None of this was surprising. The Republican Party has shown for some time that it is unable to govern. What has been surprising about Johnny Isakson is that he does not give a damn about the utter abysmal failure of the Trump presidency or the GOP’s inability to do anything that serves the interests of the American people. Johnny Isakson has sold out the people of Georgia and America in order to keep in office a president who will pass tax cuts for Isakson’s wealthy contributors. One Senator after another has risen in recent weeks to express their opinion about the Obamacare debacle. Three GOP Senators risked their careers by voting against the abject travesty of the “skinny” bill.
Johnny Isakson is content to remain deep in his coward’s cave, silent in the face of this stupendous debacle and Donald Trump and the Republicans’ continued wholesale assault on the Constitution, the rule of law, the norms of a democratic society, and common human decency. Isakson had revealed his debased character by supporting a presidential candidate who considered it normal to demean the military service of John McCain, brag about sexually assaulting women, call them bimbos, mock the handicapped, incite his followers to violence, use an ethnic slur to insult a federal judge, and advocate torture.
And a Trump who is a proven congenital liar, his two biggest Big Lies being that Obama was not born in the United States and that millions of illegal votes were cast in the presidential election. Big Lies of Hitlerian proportions. Not a problem for Johnny Isakson. He has joined Trump in making lying a way of life in American politics.
Johnny Isakson over the past week has reached new lows in shirking his duties. He could begin to reclaim some credibility by taking a firm public stand against Trump’s loudly announced intention to stand by and let our health care system collapse.
I won’t hold my breath. Isakson has just been re-elected and has five and one-half years to go in what is likely his last term. Johnny Isakson has no incentive to give one tinker’s damn about the interests of the average American, and I don’t expect him to do so.






Peas in a pod: Three Republican heroes (left to right) Donald Trump, Johnny Isakson, Joseph McCarthy

One day’s worth of headlines on July 28 are breathtaking in showing the moral and intellectual bankruptcy of the Republican Party.
  • Start: The continuing travesty of the legislative process in dealing with health care. The skinny bill. By the end of the day, four Republican Senators go public to describe this bill for what it was: a disaster and a fraud.
  • Early on, Scaramucci sends tweets and gives an interview to CNN, with Trump’s approval, making gross accusations against Reince Priebus. Further evidence of a White House in the stages of a complete breakdown, chaos and dysfunction rampant. The business of government on hold.
  • Then we learn, to no one’s surprise, that Trump had not consulted the military brass before Tweeting his decision to exclude transgenders from the military. The rightness or wrongness of the policy became insignificant. The issue is a Republican President making that decision with arrogant contempt for any normal process.
  • At this point in the day the dissenting Senators hold their press conference. We expect to move to the vote-a-rama.
  • Bingo! We learn about the Interior Secretary’s bullying phone call to the Alaskan Senators. Pure blackmail.
  • But there’s more! We are treated to the profanity-laced diatribe of Trump’s Communications Director against the Chief of Staff.
Conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin summed it up—as if she were writing a message about Johnny Isakson:
“The network of right-wing enablers have done real damage to our society and politics, making differences impossible to bridge and reasoned debate nearly impossible…Right now it is clear the GOP is dominated by fact-deniers and willfully ignorant folk…the Senate has reached a new low point in a once revered body…
The GOP senators who hid from their responsibilities have no business being in the United States Senate, let alone seeking higher office…It took three brave souls, one in the twilight of his career, to finally put their constituents and the country above partisan hackery.” (See also: “America’s Golden Age of Stupidity.” Brought to you by Donald Trump and Johnny Isakson)
It comes down to this: If you love your country, you cannot support Donald Trump to be its president. Republicans right now are taking a wrecking ball to everything America stands for.
The Republican Party is morally and intellectually bankrupt. Johnny Isakson, with his don’t-give-a-damn attitude, mirror images that moral and intellectual bankruptcy.
I never knew Johnny Isakson could be such a coward. I never knew he could so patently put his party and his self above his country.
I have started referring to Johnny Isakson as The Incredible Shrinking Man. His moral standing is shrinking daily.

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