GA GOP Congressionals: Conservatives They Ain’t

Georgia’s two Republican Senators and its most prominent Atlanta Metro GOP representatives, Barry Loudermilk and Karen Handel, call themselves conservatives, IndieDems presumes. How they reconcile this designation in the face of their slavish support for Donald Trump’s disastrous presidency and its wholesale assault on all of America’s most cherished basic values defies human logic. Their hypocrisy was again nakedly revealed in their zombie-like support for Trumpcare and their determination to take health care away from millions of Americans, despite devastating analyses by the Congressional Budget Office, denunciations of their plans by every major medical group, and overwhelming public disapproval. Is this be conservatism, God help us.
My reading of the record is that Isakson, Perdue, Loudermilk, and Handel have been some of Trump’s most slobbering lap dogs, as he daily destroys the values that once defined core conservative principles. They never spoke out against Trump’s Big Lie that Obama was not born in the U.S., or the lie about millions of illegal voters in 2016. They have  no qualms about Trump’s appointing alt-right extremist Steve Bannon as presidential counselor. They had no criticism of Trump’s bragging about sexually assaulting women, calling them bimbos, mocking the handicapped, using an ethnic slur to insult a judge, and demeaning McCain’s military service. And they supported Trumpcare–leaving them with egg all over their faces.

More alarmingly, Isakson, Perdue, Loudermilk, and Handel have no problem with Trump’s undermining the institutions of our government by leaving hundreds of key positions unfilled and proposing meat-ax, unjustified budget cuts in vital agencies like the CDC, the NIH, and the State Department. Across the board, America’s seasoned professional public servants are fleeing this onslaught. Georgia’s Republican Senators and Representatives applaud as the actions of their unhinged president rips apart the very sinews of government.

They also stand by mute as Trump shows contempt for the Constitution, the rule of law, and common human decency–and tramples all over the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule. Isakson, Perdue, Loudermilk, and Handel have joined Trump in making lying a way of life in American politics.

None of this, to me, meets the standards of traditional conservatism.

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