Perdue/Trump Follow Health Care Debacle with One on Immigration

Trump, flanked by Senators Cotton (L) and Perdue (R),announces immigration debacle
Georgia Senator David Perdue, in a continuation of his record of wanton disregard of the public’s interests, has doubled down on his toad-like support for Donald Trump’s failed Presidency by co-authoring a Trump-sponsored legal immigration reform bill that subverts America’s basic ideals and is, in practical terms, unneeded.
Perdue endorsed Trump for president early on and has not wavered in that support, as the Trump presidency has collapsed into a quagmire of dysfunction, chaos, incompetence, and venomous personal rivalries. In fact, Perdue has applauded ever more loudly as Trump stepped up his assault on the Constitution, the rule of law, our basic democratic values, and common human decency.
Perdue’s sucking up to Trump reached its (presumed) nadir with the Senator’s support for the noxious Trumpcare “health “reform” proposal, which ended in a travesty of the legislative process in which GOP leaders pleaded with Republican Senators to pass some last remnant of Trump’s proposal—on the basis that it would never become law even if the Senate passed it! The American people, meanwhile, had rejected the Perdue/Trumpcare proposals by a margin of about 85 to 15 percent—along with every major health care interest group in America.
In the end, three courageous Republican Senators joined with Democrats to finally drive a stake into what David Perdue considered a great “health care” bill. Even GOP Senate leader McConnell and House Speaker Ryan have stopped beating Perdue’s dead horse.
Meanwhile, the latest polls show Trump’s approval rating has reached an all-time low. He is a minority of a minority President, whose every legislative proposals at this point is another example of trying to ram down the throats of the American people policies that they not only don’t want, they vigorously oppose.
Any normal person would have thought that at this point Perdue, with egg all over his face, would stand down from his support for every extreme policy proposal concocted by Trump and the extremist alt-right, whose ranking guru, Steve Bannon, is one of Perdue’s chief allies and operates out of a White House office as chief strategist for the GOP.
But like Trump himself, Trumpists like David Perdue put self and Party first and are undaunted by failure, rational thought, or the public’s interests.
At a White House ceremony on August 2, Trump joined with Perdue and Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark) to announce a proposed legal immigration reform law co-authored by the Senators that would move toward a merit-based system for allowing immigrates into the United States.
The worth of the bill can be simply expressed: the Perdue/Trump immigration proposal is the mirror image of the worthless GOP health care reform act that recently met such a sad fate in Congress. Trump and Perdue are full steam ahead toward another debacle. It’s no accident that Perdue’s proposal is being backed by a President whom the American people have all but turned their backs on and whose credibility, even in his own Party, is virtually nil.
No need for us to try to be more eloquent than the voices that have already excoriated Perdue’s bill for its worthlessness. Here are some links, with excerpts:
Trump backs David Perdue’s proposal to halve legal immigration levels
  • South Carolina Republican U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham, who was part of the Senate’s “gang of eight” working group on immigration in 2013, denounced Perdue’s proposal Wednesday on Twitter, saying the proposal would be “devastating” to the South Carolina economy.
  • “It is a little presumptuous to assume that refugees are not contributing economically once they arrive,” said another expert.
Trump says the proposed immigration bill will raise wages for Americans. It won’t.
  • Economists who study immigration overwhelmingly agree that immigration is an economic boon to our country. Indeed, nearly 1,500 Republican, Democratic and independent economists — including six Nobel laureates — recently released a letter stressing the “near universal agreement” among economists of all stripes on “the broad economic benefit that immigrants to this country bring.”
  • …immigrants were behind more than 75 percent of all patents at the top U.S. patent-producing universities several years ago.
  • Immigration isn’t going to solve the aging crisis, but it certainly will help.
The New Immigration Order: A Disaster in the Making
A reporter pressed the White House for data. That’s when things got tense.

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