Scaramucci Episode Proof U.S. Has Unhinged C-in-C

I hope the media do not treat Scaramucci’s short reign as Mr. McGoo as a short comic interlude. On the contrary. Trump’s appointment of him is a stunning revelation of a mentality that is out of touch with reality, fraught with the potential frightening consequences of having such an unhinged mentality as Commander in Chief. Even Trump’s closest advisers warned him against the appointment. Spicer, who had remained despite constant humiliation, was so appalled, he had to resign. Trump proceeded to make a decision which every indicator flashed red was the wrong one.

Remember: Trump did the same thing in appointing Mike Flynn as National Security adviser. Every aspect of Flynn’s debased character and flawed decision making was known. No problem for Donald Trump.

Let me cut to the chase of what all this means. At some point, the United States and North Korea are in confrontation. The U.S. Intelligence services conclude that North Korea’s leader is not preparing to launch a war. Trump once more trusts his gut instincts more than his expert advisers–and pushes the button.

What human being with half a brain cannot see this coming? Donald Trump, right now, poses a clear and present danger to the national security of the United States–and world peace. The Scaramucci episode is simply the latest piece of evidence that proves that fact.

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