Republican Party Under Trump Leaves Mainstream

The latest polls show Trump’s approval rating have reached record lows. The American people not only do not like or support him. They do not trust him nor agree with his policies–in so far as they can be discerned.

But the other startling fact: Republicans continue to hold Trump in high regard. In one poll where Trump has a 33 percent approval rating overall, his rating with GOP voters is still 76 percent.

Ponder the implications of those figures. They explain why the abnormal is beginning to appear as normal in American politics. Those minority Republicans, emboldened by having an unhinged lunatic in the White House, can keep the nation in turmoil forever with a few daily Tweets–not to mention a president’s ability to use the powers of his office to shape and mold public debate.

Let me make my point by stating what conclusions are justified by the fact that the American people overall have turned their back on Trump, while Republicans continue to support him and his debased agenda:

  • The American people know full well what an incompetent, narcissistic, loud-mouth bully and charlatan Trump really is.
  • They know Trump is unfit to be president.
  • The Republican Party is as out of synch with America to the same extent rabid segregationist were out of synch by the mid-1960s
  • Republicans, like the remnants of rabid racism, not only do not care about their disapproval rating. they revel in it. It is the linchpin of their existence.
  • Republicans accept lying as a way of life
  • Republicans have no sense of right and wrong
  • The Republican Party is morally and intellectually bankrupt.
  • Republican leaders daily trample on the Constitution, the rule of law, and common human decency.
  • Republicans have abandoned the 10 Commandments and the Golden Rule
  • Republicans put self and Party above their country
  • Republicans have one overriding goal: to keep Trump as President to sign legislation making the rich richer
  • The Republican Party is a burnt-out case, overdue to be placed in the dustbin of history.

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  • Posted August 4, 2017

    George W Fox

    One has only to look at the slack jawed , vacant eyed grinning layabouts at his rallies to,get a picture of his followers that now represent what’s left of the,republican party

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