Hey, Ladies. You Got to Vote Democratic

The hoopla over Google’s justified firing of an employee who wrote a piece claiming women were temperamentally unqualified to be scientists and engineers has reignited an age-old dispute. IndieDems comment:
A question increasingly on my mind: if women are so fed up with gender discrimination, how the hell did Donald Trump get elected president? And how do Republicans control the United States Congress? The overwhelming number of our state legislatures? And governorships? I don’t have the numbers at hand, but I’m quite certain that if all the American women eligible to vote had registered to vote and went to the polls AND VOTED DEMOCRATIC, those results would be stupendously different.
Oh, yes, I am absolutely certain that new laws aimed at ending gender discrimination are absolutely necessary to provide anything approaching a permanent solution. And I am as equally certain that electing Democrats is the necessary first step toward that goal. And I am certain that electing a president who sexually assaults women and brags about it, calls women bimbos, and appoints a brazen misogynist like Steve Bannon as a Presidential Counselor and chief political strategist, is march backward from that goal. And I am certain that electing to office people from that same Republican Party will keep the country marching backward from achieving gender equality in the work place.
My bottom line to you, ladies. Stop your caterwauling and op-ed pieces and speeches and TV interviews and letters to the editor and complaining about a campus rape culture, GET OFF YOUR BEHINDS AND GET OUT THERE RIGHT NOW AND START WORKING TO ELECT DEMOCRATS ACROSS THE BOARD IN 2018. You will achieve nothing–nothing!–without taking that necessary first step. No magic wand is going to be waved to override the white male anti-female domination of our governmental institutions. You must elect Democrats.
Your immediate requirement: convince members of your own sex to stop voting Republican. Declare Nikki Haley a traitor for endorsing Trump for president and going to work for him. Sucking up to the enemy ain’t working.

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