Trump and North Korea: Dr. Strangelove Has Arrived

 Trump’s blistering but empty rhetoric threatening “fire and fury” against North Korea has crossed the threshold most of us have known would someday come: he’s proven we have a Republican right out of Dr. Strangelove as president. I say that with no attempt at exaggeration to make a point. Trump indisputably made the point himself. John McClain and others have summed up the problem with Trump: no sane chief of state threatens the use of overwhelming force unless he is ready to follow through. Trump is demonstrably not going to launch a war over Kim’s threats–or even if Kim continues to build a nuclear arsenal that can strike the U.S.

We now know that we have an unhinged, mentally disturbed, temperamentally unfit, blustering coward as President. A President who honestly believes he can create reality out of the sound of his voice. Who is clueless to the fact that most of humanity long ago came to see him for the empty vessel he is. A congenital liar who will be flabbergasted when other world leaders do not listen to him.

Donald Trump has sacrificed the power and authority of the United States of American on the altar of his narcissistic, uninformed, warped personality. This president the Republicans gave us who cannot be bothered to read intelligence reports now leads us into a confrontation and possible nuclear war firmly convinced that threatening North Korea with fire and brimstone is no different than hurling his “crooked Hillary” insult and telling lies about Obama’s birth place.

Nice going, Republicans. We march off to war behind the person whose unfitness to be president became apparent during the first weeks of his presidential campaign in 2015, and who has kept on proving it ever since–but remains a hero to you.

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  • Posted August 11, 2017

    Daryl Fischer

    I’m sorry Mr. Tillerson but I did not sleep well last night! I am so concerned that Trump, our lunatic, will stumble us into a nuclear exchange with the North Korean lunatic. I never thought I would live to see the day China and Russia as peace negotiators. It would be too much to ask of Republicans to put the country first and employ the 25th Amendment and remove this psychopath from office before he completely destroys our country both internally and externally.

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