Rep. Stacey Evans: HOPE Scholarship Allocation Cheats Blacks, Lower Income Georgians

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Democrat Stacey Evans is running for Georgia Governor.

Did you get a chance to read the Atlanta Journal-Constitution last week? (Click here: “$500M in HOPE reserves idle while students drop out, drown in loans“)

For too long, those in charge of Georgia’s state legislature have let the HOPE Scholarship fail.

It covers too little at a time when college costs are SKYROCKETING.

It’s a real shame that Georgia’s current leaders decided to make full HOPE scholarships disproportionately out of reach for people of color and low income families. Now, six years years, later Georgia families are reeling from the broken promise of HOPE.

Today, HOPE is simply out of reach for too many Georgia families. We need a Governor who will fight to bring it back.

Please, take a few minutes to read this article, which details how so-called leaders in Atlanta have damaged the HOPE scholarship program.

When you finish reading, please forward it to three friends, and ask them if they’ll join our campaign and help us bring HOPE back to Georgia.

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