Charlottesville: Republicans Reap What They Sowed

Rescue workers assist people who were injured when a car drove through a group of counter protestors at the
The aftermath of a terrorist driving his car into a group of counter-protestors at white supremacist demonstrations in Charlottesville, VA
The blood of the dead and injured in Charlottesville is on the hands of every Republican who embraced Trump’s appointment of white supremacist Steve Bannon as Presidential Counselor and chief GOP strategist. Those people marching on behalf of hate, bigotry, and racism are Steve Bannon’s troops. They are repeating the slogans that Bannon shouted from the pages of his Breitbart publication and espousing the doctrines that Bannon has zealously supported all his political life.
White supremacists embraced the Republicans because the Republicans embraced them first. Trump and the Republican Party have pandered to the alt right with attacks on affirmative action, the plan to cut legal immigration in half, the call to have transgenders barred from the military, and the decade-old Republican campaign to suppress the minority vote. Jeff Sessions did his part with his call for a return to harsh sentencing for non-violent drug offenses.
Donald Trump appointed Bannon to pander to the white nationalists. He cannot now separate himself from that fact. Trump is by his own words and actions an apologist for domestic terrorism. Every malicious element present in the Charlottesville demonstrations was on vivid display In Trump’s run for the presidency: the racism, bigotry, nativism, xenophobia—and, most explicitly, in Trump’s incitement of his followers to violence. Followed by his recent call for police to treat detainees cruelly. Republicans profess to be shocked, shocked that such words encourage zealots to commit violence.
In the streets of Charlottesville, Trump and the Republicans who supported Bannon’s appointment now reap what they sowed. The blood of the dead and injured is on the hands of Mike Pence, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Orrin Hatch, Nikki Haley,

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