Trump Proves He’s Unhinged, Must Go

 Some simple facts from Trump’s raging pro-hate group diatribe on August15:
  • Donald Trump proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that he is morally, intellectually, and mentally unfit to be President.
  • Trump’s actions show the previous evidence that he is mentally unstable and unhinged, too psychologically deranged to fulfill his duties. 
  • We are playing Russian roulette with America’s future to leave him in office. 
  • The prospect of having Trump in charge in a full-blown crisis–like the one we may yet reach with North Korea–is frightening and unacceptable. 
  • Republicans have a stark choice between supporting Trump or serving the interests of the United States and its people. 
  • It no longer suffices to have Republicans state a position on hate groups that differ from Trump’s. It is mandatory–mandatory–that every Republican Congressperson explicitly repudiate, by name, Trump’s remarks and state they will call for his ouster if he fails to recant.
  • No matter what Trump does, Republican leaders must immediately begin the process of removing him from office. Whether by impeachment or invocation of 25th Amendment, up to them.
All the above is nothing but blunt reality.

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