In Praise of Louise Linton

Louise Linton, the wife of Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, recently posted an Instagram in which she boasted about the expensive, designer apparel she was wearing as she and her husband exited an official U.S. Government aircraft. But it was the condescending tirade she unleashed in her reply to the subsequent criticism that set off a media fire storm. She, in effect, said ‘I’m rich. You’re not. I’m better than you and pay more taxes than you. Shut up and go away.’
Robin Ghivan, the Washington Post social media reporter, on Tuesday summed up the imbroglio, ending with: “In a single Instagram post, Linton managed to tap into elitism, narcissism, self-righteousness, incivility, apathy and blonde privilege — all wrapped up in a designer package.”
My comment:
I rise to praise Louise, not for the substance of her remarks, but for her honesty and forthrightness in stating them. Read Ms. Ghivan’s last paragraph, summarizing Linton’s outlook. Is there any doubt that, except for the blond thing, the words describe the heart and soul of the Republican Party and the Trump Administration? Republicans worship wealth and believe with religious fervor that a person’s worth is determined by how rich they are. Republicans elect and appoint to public office people who openly display, in their lives and policies, the mentality displayed by Linton. The Trump Administration reflects that fact to a “T.” It is populated by multi-millionaires, and the richer they are, the higher the the post they hold.
Speaker Paul Ryan? He threw Jesus Christ under the bus and replaced him with the doctrines of Ayn Rand, best summed up in her book, “The Virtues of Selfishness.” Based on that philosophy, Ryan has devoted his political career to the single-minded goal of obtaining tax cuts for the rich. His “health care” bill passed this summer is nothing but a tax cut for the wealthy, coupled with massive cuts in health care for ordinary Americans. His coming tax “reform” will be more of the same.
Paul Ryan and Louise Linton, in short, are soul mates. Only difference: Linton is open and honest about her outlook and priorities. Ryan–and other Republican leaders–try to hide theirs with demagogic, cowardly lies about their concern for their country. Louise is not trying to take money from my pocket and give it to her husband. Ryan is.

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