Harvey Relief: Republican Hypocrisy on Full Display

The rich irony of  the same Texas Republican/conservatives who base their careers on loud denunciation of the federal government and its social welfare programs now calling on the federal government to not only to provide massive federal funds for the victims of Harvey but to expedite the funding has received its due attention.
What embedded flaw in the moral sensibility of Republicans blinds them to the fact that denying health care to Americans desperately in need of medical help–the essence of the Republican health care proposal recently presented to Congress–is no different than denying aid to those Texans wading in water to escape their ravaged homes?
For reasons that escape the rest of us, the people who write opinion pieces or produce cartoons highlighting this Republican hypocrisy have been rebuked for their efforts.
The humorist Garrison Keillor has provided an wonderful satire on the subject, “When a Red State Gets the Blues”. And, yep, he’s being vilified in the comments section.  IndieDems comment on the negative comments:
Those contributors to these pages who are lambasting Keillor for allegedly being against providing federal funds to help Houston’s flood victims–what Keillor column did you read? Certainly not this one. This one is satirizing the blazing hypocrisy of those Texas Republican/conservative politicians who base their careers on denouncing federal programs–and then embrace federal aid when their state has a particular need.
Keillor’s message: join the Democrats/liberals and be consistent in recognizing the federal government has a legitimate role in helping individual Americans. Cease your cringing hypocrisy.

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