NBC Newswoman’s Memoir: A Reminder of Trump’s Gross Immorality

Book Review, Washington Post:

Katy Tur’s insider memoir chronicles the Trump campaign — and the indignities of reporting while female

IndieDems Comment: Katy Tur’s memoir chronicling her wretched treatment as the NBC-TV reporter covering Trump’s presidential campaign is a stark reminder of two things: 1) the debased, warped, twisted, and depraved personality of Trump and 2) the extent to which that personality has become accepted as the new norm, just so much background noise in the media’s daily coverage.
Read Tur’s account to be reminded of the fascist-like tactics Trump employed, making his a neo-fascist campaign never before equaled in American politics.  The tactics right out of the fascist/Nazi playbook included:
  • Lying as a way of life. Not small lies, but Hitlerian-level Big Lies, starting with the one about Barack Obama not being born in the United States.
  • Inciting his supporters to violence at his rallies, sometimes with overt calls to attack protestors, sometimes by raising the crowd to delirium with vicious attacks on individuals present—like Ms. Tur, who at one point had to escorted out by the Secret Service after the crowd became menacing following a Trump diatribe against her.
  • Personal attacks on other people, like demeaning the military service of John McCain, insulting the mother of a dead Muslim-American soldier, using an ethnic slur against a federal judge. And, of course, the incredible stalking of Hillary Clinton during one of the presidential debates.
  • Demeaning the democratic process as a whole, with reckless and totally unsubstantiated charges of a rigged election and illegal voters.
  • Mocking a handicapped person.
  • Calling women bimbos and bragging about sexually assaulting them.
And that’s just the highlights.
Trump not only has never apologized for any of the above, he has doubled down on his fascist tactics since becoming president. In July, for example, the Washington Post found that Trump, in the span of 26 hours, made 29 false or misleading claims in speeches and on Twitter. The New York Times catalogued every lie Trump told between his inauguration and July.
But how many times do you hear any of the above referred to on the TV news networks? Almost never, until there is a momentary flurry by some event like the publication of Tur’s memoirs. And even if the networks were more retrospective, it would amount to little in an era in which most Americans get their news via Facebook and other social media—not known for their in-depth reporting or historical look backs.
More disconcerting: how many times do you hear a prominent Democrat specifically mention Trump’s trampling of our deepest moral and democratic values? Why this self-imposed silence?
The lack of a good answer to that question is why I’m unsettled by the new-found cooperation between Trump and Congressional Democrats. Sure, Democrats should exploit the opening to gain all the practical, positive results possible. But we’ll sell our souls to the devil if we abandon holding the Trumpists and Republicans responsible for their deep-seated moral and intellectual bankruptcy.

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