FL Nursing Home Horror: Republican Health Care in Full Flower

From the New York Times:

At Florida Nursing Home, Many Calls for Help, but None That Made a Difference

IndieDems Comment: The horror of 11 senior citizens dying in a sweltering Florida nursing home ranks as a prime example of the health care brought to you by good ol’ Republican vulture capitalism. But not only do Republicans not feel the slightest shame for producing this atrocity. They have a health care bill pending in the United States Senate that will apply the same standards to Americans’ health care as a whole.
Here are excerpts from the above article that show the direct link between those dead seniors and the arrogant, blind, and cruel Republican belief that capitalism will solve our health care problems:
  • “Interviews with nursing home representatives, hospital personnel, residents’ families and government officials, as well as a review of emergency response records, show a preventable descent into the suffocating chaos of that early morning.”
  • “Very few nursing homes had generators powerful enough to keep the air-conditioning running. In 2006, Florida lawmakers considered requiring nursing homes to maintain generators to ensure comfortable temperatures during disasters. But the industry raised concerns about the cost…and the bill died.” (Emphasis added)
  • “Among the nursing homes of South Florida, Hollywood Hills was not highly regarded. The 152-bed residence had a “below average” rating from Medicare, with two out of five stars. Its most recent health inspection, from March, described residents who were not bathed or groomed properly, food that went uncovered in a soiled kitchen, and flaws in the in-room patient call system.”
  • “Its owners, who acquired Hollywood Hills in 2015, were among defendants who paid $15.4 million in 2006 to settle federal and state civil claims that they had paid kickbacks to doctors in exchange for patient admissions.”
There you have it. The Republican insensitivity to the needs of ordinary Americans made Hollywood Hills a disaster waiting to happen. Republican politicians’ focus on maintaining the profits of the health care industry led them to turn a blind eye to the need for working emergency generators. Their brainless belief that government regulations are the problem, not the solution, left the Hollywood Hills profit-obsessed owners with the leeway to treat sub-par official ratings with contempt.
Across the board, Republicans put the interests of their wealthy contributors above the interests of their constituents. Senior citizens in nursing homes? Who gives a damn, say Republicans.
And now in Washington we have the obscene Republican juggernaut to do anything to destroy Obamacare.  They’ve introduced a bill not to improve its flaws or to produce a workable alternative. Just destroy it.
The bill displays equal measures of irresponsibility, cruelty, and lies. As with their last effort a few months ago, the Republicans are trying to ram through the bill without any serious analysis or debate. Every major health care interest group—like the AARP, the American Medical Association, and the National Association of Medicaid Directors—have warned the Republicans that they risk wreaking havoc on the insurance markets, state governments, and people’s lives.
Once more, Republicans do not give a damn about the interests of Americans. It’s Hollywood Hills all over again—just on a bigger scale.

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