The Rotted Soul of the Republican Party, cont.

Within the scope of a few days, Republicans:

–Attempt to pass a health care bill that denies coverage to tens of millions of Americans

–Viciously attack NFL members engaging in the time-honored American practice of staging peaceful protests against a monstrous wrong, the horrendous treatment of blacks at the hands of the police. The Republicans use lies and demagoguery to distort the protests as being against the flag and the national anthem.

–Show a crass indifference to the Puerto Ricans suffering the aftermath of a hurricane

–introduce a tax “reform” bill that is transparently nothing but another massive tax cut for rich Republicans

–Are shown to be squandering the taxpayers’ money on chartering private aircraft, sometimes for personal travel.

Can anybody with an ounce of intelligence fail to see the pattern that this reveals, that shows the true heart and souls of Republicans? Republicans live every day in wanton contempt for every basic democratic and moral value that defines America. They have thrown overboard common human decency, the 10 Commandments, and the Golden Rule. Their number one goal is to make themselves richer. All else if of lesser value, or of no value at all.

Republicans now openly say about average Americans, most notably about Puerto Ricans: let them eat cake. Underlying all this is gross hypocrisy about all they claim to stand for.

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