Republicans Reject the 10 Commandments & the Golden Rule

Why are the media ignoring the magnitude of what the Republican Party has openly proclaimed over the past few days? The Republican Party has officially declared that it has forsaken the 10 Commandments and the Golden rule.

In quick succession, three sitting Republican Senators and one former Republican President laid bare the fact that President Trump has nakedly and wantonly shown his utter contempt for common human decency, morality, and our basic democratic values. Trump, in 10 months of words and deeds, has demonstrated that he embodies, displays, and lives by the very characteristics that God in the 10 Commandments and Jesus in the Golden Rule told us to avoid.
The reaction of the Republican Party? Polls tell us that 80 percent of Republicans eagerly support Trump. When asked, Republicans make abundantly clear: they know full well that Trump is a bullying thug who embodies racism, bigotry, immorality, misogyny, sexism, and xenophobia. They certainly know that Trump is a congenital liar. Republicans know all of this just like the rest of us.
And, Republicans like Johnny Isakson, David Perdue, Barry Loudermilk, and Karen Handel  proudly proclaim: they just don’t care.
The overwhelming majority of Republican elected officials, of course, go along with their constituents in being unmoved by Trump’s taking a wrecking ball to America’s most cherished values–meaning, the values reflected in the 10 Commandments and the Golden Rule. The lawlessness and meanness of spirit that led previous Republicans to give us McCarthyism, Watergate, and Iran-Contra lives on in current day Republicans.
As was said 60 years ago, so still it must be said, Republicans have no sense of decency.

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  • Posted November 6, 2017

    Allan Richardson

    If the Greedy Oligarch Party were a rock band, they would be “Bad Religion.”

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