Blue States Practice the Family Values Red States Preach

Commentary in the New York Times: Blue States Practice the Family Values Red States Preach , by Nicholas Kristof.

IndieDems Comment:

Eleven months into the Trump presidency alongside a Republican-controlled Congress, Americans are realizing that the consequences of a Republican-dominated federal government go far beyond the daily headlines about that Trump’s latest Tweets, tax reform, and even the Muellar investigation. We now know that Trump’s Republicans are waging a war against our basic moral and democratic values and common human decency.  The Roy Moore fiasco has only served to reveal the extent of the Republican rot. Alarmingly, mainstream Christianity has so far abdicated its responsibility to take a stand on the profound moral choices we now face.

Thank heaven people like Kristoff are speaking out more forcefully. He was joined recently by conservative columnist Michael Gerson, the title of whose article about Republican Politics Now Untethered from Morality and Religion, aptly summarizes his insightful review. Jim Wallis’ A year into Trump’s presidency, Christians are facing a spiritual reckoning is also excellent. And, of course, the current master work on the growing divide among American classes is Charles Murray’s 2012 book “Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010,” an exhaustive study of census data that showed a decline in marriage and an unprecedented increase in nonmarital births among white working class/blue collar Americans. Collectively, these reviews reveal massive delusion and hypocrisy in the Republican claim of being the protectors of family values.

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