Trump’s Conservative Critics Expose the Rot in the Republican Party

(Editor’s note: Some Republican and conservative voices have castigated Trump and his lackeys from the start, knowing that they are far removed from traditional American conservatism. Many have used words equal to or more powerful than his Democratic opponents.  Although still a minority in the current Republican Party, the critics’ numbers are growing. No less than George W. Bush and John McCain have joined their ranks. Here are some links to their commentaries).

Brooks: The G.O.P. Is Rotting – David Brooks, 12/7/17

“You don’t save Christianity by betraying its message.” (Emphasis added)

“There is no end to what Trump will ask of his party. He is defined by shamelessness, and so there is no bottom. And apparently there is no end to what regular Republicans are willing to give him. ..You don’t help your cause by wrapping your arms around an alleged sexual predator and a patriarchic bigot. You don’t help your cause by putting the pursuit of power above character, by worshiping at the feet of some loutish man or another, by claiming the ends justify any means. You don’t successfully rationalize your own tawdriness by claiming your opponents are satanic.”

The Russia investigation’s spectacular accumulation of lies

“Politics, untethered from morality and religion, leaves widespread, infectious corruption.”

The point McCain and Bush made is much bigger than Trump

McCain hits Trump where it hurts, attacking ‘bone spur’ deferments in Vietnam

Trump makes himself, John Kelly and everyone around them look rotten yet again

Republicans, it’s time to panic

America has a racial demagogue for a president

If Charlie Rose and Roy Moore deserve banishment, why not Donald Trump?

Tribalism Triumphs in America

Going against the Republican Herd

William Kristol talks ‘never Trump’ conservatism at Amherst College- News Canada

The Death of the Republican Party

What’s the Matter with Republicans?

…Other Voices

The corrosion of support for the First Amendment started before Trump. He supercharged it.

David Ignatius: The real problem with Trump’s foreign policy plans? He may not have any.